That River

Step on the ice

watch the silver

cut slivers away

in jagged pieces

where my weight

broke the clear

water into dark

currents rushing

into the evening.


stand where

I once stood

feel it’s course

down the mountain

into rivers

and seas beyond

carrying silt and sand

from heights

to depths not fathomed.


sink into darkness

weaves and waves

play underfoot

a tangled symphony

echoing endlessly

from here to there

beyond horizons

not yet discovered

yet waiting so close.


Breathe the air

cold and vicious

untamed and fearlessly

calling out it’s nature

following laws

unspoken yet crying out

turn noisily and step hard

as one not silently done

but enjoined together.


wind and wave

cry and rustle

in the water

and through

the pane of life

into the blood

pulsing in veins

twisted and turned

clean and pure.


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