The Pages Chant

There walks wanderers through forest long

They stamp their feet, upon the earth

And fill their bellies full with mirth

Through Grisbaum, and shadowed glade

They walk alone, upon Baloc’s Blade

The shift of mountains tall and old

Is where they journey in it’s cold

What song is sung, of their endless mood?

Or stories told while curses brood

Set to wander, upon the cull

They who left Feiore to fall

Into blackness deep

Through death’s cold sleep

Until the hour has come to wane

And the world has felt its final pain

Awake shall be their eyes at last

To change their fate and troubled past

Upon the fastness of the reef

Of forest tall and full of grief

Their voices heard, so clear and free!

Will bend the sky into the sea

And from darkness will protrude a light

To mend the world and make it right

Changelings turned from crimson shades

Into young girls dancing with golden braids

All things forgot, in morning rays

Except to those who gave it days.